clenched teeth.geram-ness

Posted on December 9, 2007


This is the first time i let out the animal noise in me… Grr! Usually i was just swallow geram issues and go on doing my stuff after my much quiet distraction of fuming in my own little corner. Letting it out and known is better and it pass on faster than keeping it in. Now i know why 261 fumes out loud.

I was in so much fumed that i wanted to do some street massacre- beheading anyone i see insight! If i had red laser eyes like how superman can see through walls and melt metal with his gaze i’ll do it to the neighbor next door and even send flying tectonic to a house couple away from my block! I know it’s not much satisfaction… i’m willing to go on a 3 boxing ring round like the Contender, giving a few jibes and a big knock-out! *ting-ting*

I’ll be most happy to bite anyone’s beefy arm just to release that seething geram-ness! Anyone?


let me bite your tender neck…

I’ve been looking for rental house for a few months, my friends and i found a few, eyed on one but because lack of house mates we didn’t get it. The house is humongous with 5 super big rooms that looks like a mini one room apartment! I fell in love with the rooms! There’s a garage, wet and dry kitchen together, 3 bathrooms and 2 halls. I love it at the same time i don’t like the dingy looking of some part of the house.
If the bloody agent could gave us a little more time to get house mates it won’t be a matter! The house contract was for 2years for only RP15k! Now i’ve lost it!! LOST IT!!

ARRGHH!!!!!! To some @$%^%%^ I really want to whack the hell out of the person who went and tell-tale of my loot! ARRRGH!!! It sounds childish at some point but i’m territorial when it comes to something i’ve eyed on! ARRGH!!! I want to dig the eyeballs of that person, scratch that face with sharp nicely painted claws. I’m feeling quite i’ll will towards the other that i hope the place inhabited by the unseen!


let’s set this place ablaze!

It took me so much effort to go look for houses and when i have to let it go someone has an easy way and got it! THAT’s THE PART I DON’T LIKE!!!!!!!!!! OOHHH~!

*ooH Saaaa… OoH SaAaa…*
I need to let go….


this is my 4th complaint, i hope i’ll feel better tomorrow!

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