Stools Examination

Posted on December 9, 2007


Exam tomorrow at 8am! Yippee! Love it!

Play time at Parasite Lab:- Things to bring
~ bring your stools!
~ newspaper
~ face mask
~ hand gloves
~ a bottle of perfume
~ soap
~ hand sanitizer
– Things NOT to bring
~ appetite
~ olfactory(smell) sense


that’s some shit…

I’ve been having temperamental bowels for a few days, i’ve not been defecating like normal in the early mornings! I think it’s the lack of fiber in my diet lately. I’ve a friend who is actually stresses over this lab-shit matter that defecating in the morning is a problem! It’s usually like this… when someone demands to have your excrement that fella can’t give some crap!

What do you do to have some good crap in the morning?
1) eat lots the night before, esp vegetables
2) take banana ( but too much calories for thin-wannabe-people)
3) eat chilli-padi (usually people constipate, but for me i don’t)
4) drink VEGETA (claims to increase gut motility, help diet and lower cholesterol level…sounds to good to be true, will tell you if it works!)
5) taugeh= bean sprouts

What you don’t want people to find in your stools, are

1) the remains of last night, such as curry for dinner!
Well whether you realize it or not after a meal of curry you can see
curry leaves sticking out in your shit!

In the lab, your friends will probably compare shits and start
laughing. “Apa itu? Namapak macam daun jer….”! That goes for
ladies fingers, brinjals, long beans and bean sprouts too!

2) parasites

3) fishy smelling crap

I’m worried that i will automatically take a dump and flush it away before remembering to collect some stools samples!!! OH NO!