The new Gui Ling Gao

Posted on December 10, 2007


Have you tried the new Gui Ling Gao?
This the new can:


They have Longan Flavour now!! YUM!!! Actually not much sweeter! It taste light not so heavy tasting. Cos Rp6k for a can.


Do you know it comes with a spoon too? Hhehehe…. and inside it actually looks like this:


Ok, I know it’s G-R-O-S-S! But I just have to show the pieces of crap that had to work with in the lab! It smell ut-most WunDERFul! Aroma Therapeutic! Lol! I should have taken a pic in the lab on how we dispose the remains. I pity the worker who had to take out our crap.

A friend ask some of us this at the end of the day: ” do you want to do this for a career? Examining people’s stool?”, i’m sure not!

Another exam this SAT!! A killer paper!