Posted on December 15, 2007


Gays, Homosexuals or whatever the world is labeling this people nowadays; what do you think of them?

I don’t have a loathsome feeling or hate them at all. They are just feminine souls in a man’s body or just macho souls that like another macho personality. They categorise themselves as either ‘top’ or ‘bottom’, in other words ‘male’ or ‘female’ respectively ( it maybe the other way round, because i had an argument with a straight friend about it and we’ve not reach a conclusion).

So my friend (who told me that he’s a top looking for a bottom, anyone interested?) from Pre-college is one big heart dudette who can be really bitchy in personality like any other girls as well, that goes, “Uh HuuH… Talk to the Hand”! He’s really rich and vain with the spelling in all capital letters!

He’s really like another girlfriend to talk to, we talk about guys and ogle them together with our infrared visions when we are out in the city. He will go on pointing at those smart looking guys and asking, “so what about this guy? How about that?”

Yeah, some people think it’s gross and totally wrong, especially their on sex species- males.

Straight guy friends of mind told me before,
“If i ever have a son like that, i will whack the hell out of him and make sure he turns straight! Or else i’ll disown him!”

Some mean and naughty boys will drive up to some part of Penang where they can find Bapuk(s), meaning gays in Bahasa Malaysia, to tease and disturb this people. The pretty feminine figure will try to ignore them and go about minding their own work but once aggravated, testosterone pumps in! The boys got shouted in a gruff voice coming from the lady-like figure and they were chase by her with a stick! Oh BOy, can she RUN.

Some boys i know of they will purposely lure this pretty boys and bully them just because of their great dislikes for people like them.

Like the conversation that i had with Jea and Riabu before…
“The world population is dominated by women, the men in the world are at the brink of extinction to go around, that’s why monogamy is quite hard to hold on to when there’s so many women around.”

“A large scale of potential, nice and well to do men are either taken or gays and that leaves the bad eggs… Hence women are left single too and some turn lesbians.”

Albeit what i said and the likings of reading Bedtime Stories , i still think the gif image below is distasteful!

Gay Boxers