Malay outfits and swim suit

Posted on December 15, 2007


Muslimah swim suitThis picture was taken quite long ago when i was out window shopping. Some people have seen it before, some on the other hand like i have not seen anyone wearing this model of swim suit. To me it’s one of a kind… for laughs!

Malaysia and Indonesia are famous for Kebaya but who is most famous it’s not a matter as long as there people to appreciate it that’s enough.

This is one plain but simple modern style Baju Kebaya that i took from Subang Parade… hehehe. I like the style. If i were to make one it will probably be exactly like this one instead of all those Kebaya Indonesia’s style, because it’s to cliche in this country.

Baju Kebaya Modern Msia

I like the pattern of the cloth skirt is… it looks like a beach wear to me =)

Next is a big floral pattern Baju Kurung but only the bottom cloth is pants not skirt; The other one beside it like looks like a cross of Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya to me may look pretty mundane but i like the combination of style. Usually people will use sheer material to make the top for Baju Kebaya but it will be covered heavily with bling-bling sequints, and a corset of a similar colour will be worn inside.

Baju Kurung + Baju Kebaya

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