Indifferent Patriotism

Posted on December 16, 2007


I feel like doing this (again) after my idon’tunderstandwhatareyoutalkingabout presentation!


I’m proud to be a Chinese Malaysian for many reasons that makes me proud be one, but because of my lack of skills I feel like a “cehkai” (lousy) Malaysian!
The reason is because i can’t speak proper Bahasa Malaysia in a very formal way nor convey what i want to say in a very simple way. I complicated the message and twisted the tongue at the attempt!

Did i tell you i’m the head of the fund raising department for the small group of Malaysian here? Cheers for me! YEAH!

Ok i have powerful friends who pulled me into it just because once awhile i have a few crack head ideas in my brain. Hence i’m with work. I’m pretty pleased actually, because at times i wanted to be like Jea, who is so good at doing things at this.

My super-duper high enthusiasm went placid in an instant after inquiring to a few friends on how was my presentation was? Yeah, they didn’t understand what i was rambling about! *sigh!*

Thank Goodness the power point presentation i did was in English! They understood what i had to say through the power point. One compliment on it was able to lift up the downturn mouth from my face =) Thanks Tanu! She said i put effort in that presentation. It wasn’t a lot of work by the way. It was because being more fluent in English allows me to put ideas and plans in a more interesting way. God forbid, if they don’t allow my power point to be in English too!

It will be like don't steal my cheenglish!
stealing my cheenglish! NOoo….

And they tell me ……

Never let ideas slip away!

My ideas come like a gust of wind, like a flash of lightning and like a whirlpool of water and like the sudden movements of the earth plate… but only in the English language! The beautiful English Language =)

Reasons for using our national language for every formal meeting is because it’s the National language! Aiyor…! And because it is written in the ‘Perlembagaan” of the Malaysian Student Society in Indonesia.

Seriously my lack of grasp in the National Language is giving a toll in my confidence! It makes my ideas and plans look like Kanasai
KANASAI! Even if the proposal is good!

Sincerely from the Heart of VerbatimCries, my patriotism towards Malaysia is not measure by the fluency of my National Language
(Before you all think i totally suck in the language… i do not! I just have a hard time talking formally but my daily broken Bahasa Malaysia is ok!) 
but it is by my enthusiasm and my deeds to my country!

“I wish i was an ostrich so i can bury by head into the ground when i need to”!
being a flower
being a black flower ain’t to bad either…

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