Me Wants

Posted on December 16, 2007


Can you not smell the scent of freshly wrap presents in the air?

I can and this year i have a small list of i-wants :p

1) i want a puppy like this! It will be call Eye-Patch!

hehehe… Have i mention the infamous Blackie story at the new place? No, i haven’t, i think. I was quite unhappy of the dog, Blackie because i didn’t have a pet dog when i was young, it’s pretty unfair to me to have a pet dog when i’m a thousand miles away! Having a puppy or dog was a childhood dream-talk then, having one now would probably be as fun as i imagine then =)

My scent
2) my scent ^^

I’ve not own a nice branded bottle of perfume! Wah! These smells not bad! Really! That’s when i smelt it for the 1st time, on my 2nd i thought my nose went somewhere wrong. Any time will do as long as it’s nice and long lasting =)

Jea has still not gotten me my Green tea or Bamboo perfume scent from Yves Rocher!  Hmmph~

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