Longkang Pups

Posted on December 17, 2007


Referring to I-wants latest post… the new place have 6 pups from Blackie who stayed in the shallow drain for so long and have been eating scraps from the new place, gave birth to 2 blackies and 4 goldies!

Sadly she abandoned one of the black somewhere but it was adopted by some nice neighbour =)

Now with 5 pups around, what are they to do? Jea wants to keep them all!Sigh! I think we should keep one black and one gold, the one with the limp hind legs. Jea thinks keeping two means we have to keep the poor Blackie, mommy dog too! Which i disagree.

Anyways, if we get to keep two *sighing delightfully*, the black one i want to name ZORRO and goldie as CHESTER!

Zorro like its name wise is referring to the small kid favourite show of mine when i was little, matches it’s black coat!
Chester, i took the name out of a Disney movie called ‘The Kid’, starring Bruce Willis in it! “It’s going to be the Greatest Dog in the WORLD”! – Rusty, the kid.

Zorro- look at it’s so humane eyes!

Aww… i just want to carry it, although i think the dog’s face looks a little funny. It’s face is too flat, the snout so small and it sort of look like a bear cub, should be bear pup to me!

Koala pup
Zorro- looks like a Koala pup here. Look at it’s claw *points-points*

Looking so kelian=kesian right? Zorro is the fattest pup among all of the 5! Now i got something to tease on being fat… “eh, Fatty come here!”, “Roll, Zorro, roll!”… kekeke

Let it look in the mirror on how fat it is and will brain wash it to go brisk walking with me! YEAH MAN!  *ngeks-ngeks*

Man Handdled pup
Zorro- looks being man handdle by Twin. Look so kelian!

Isn’t he cute?! Teehehehe….

A couple of my friends thinks it is not cute! Hmmph! One said, “even by looking at it, it looks like it got ‘kutip’ (pick up) from the ‘longkang’ (drain)”!

Cis, bedebah siot!

ok, the fact i i never like house pet that suppose to stay pretty and clean in the house, it is redundant in my opinion and too ‘manja’ for my liking. As Cheesie from Cheezerland calls her toy dogs, Sissy Dogs, i like mine to be a bit more macho! *grr.. Growl*

Ok fine, you don’t think it is as adorable as i do… but i like it la! Just can’t wait to see the other 4 goldies with nice fur! Probably look a bit pariah, that’s if you don’t like how the black one looks.

Anyone interested in keeping some pups?

Wanted Jea to go and take pics of the Golden pups… (random bits of conversation…)

|VC| says (9:01 PM):
SO CUTE LA ZORRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[saint}ii] says (9:01 PM):
oi u got the pics edi or not

|VC| says (9:02 PM):
look like human only wan the face?????!!!!!!!!!
|VC| says (9:02 PM):
you didn’t tell me send edi
|VC says (9:02 PM):
look more like bear than k9

[saint}ii{moyzie] says (9:02 PM):
yeah bear cub
[saint}ii] says (9:02 PM):

|VC| says (9:03 PM):
bear pup la

[saint}ii] says (9:03 PM):
u should see the golden ones

|VC| says (9:03 PM):
loook like wat? sun bears?
|VC| says (9:03 PM):
|VC| says (9:03 PM):
go curi curi ambil gambar in the drain for me to see now
|VC| says (9:03 PM):

[saint}ii] says (9:04 PM):
cannot la so late – the flash will wake them

|VC| says (9:05 PM):
ala use flash lights
|VC| says (9:05 PM):
disturb them awhile la
|VC| says (9:05 PM):
they can go back to sleep later

[saint}ii] says (9:06 PM):
dowan. tmr.
[saint}ii] says (9:06 PM):
nanti the mom come bite and bark i die

Sigh! I think it’s so cute that i can die! feeling like hugging and biting it! I think i’m in love!

|VC| says (9:27 PM):

you should Zorro my picture so that we can get acquaint

|VC| says (9:28 PM):

like  i’m looking at Zorro’s pics


You have just sent a nudge.


[saint}ii] says (9:30 PM):


[saint}ii{moyzie] says (9:30 PM):

what u mean zorro ur picture?

|.c-l-a-r-a.| says (9:31 PM):

oh ShoW Zorro my pics

[saint}ii{moyzie] says (9:33 PM):

oh SHOW zorro ur picture?

[saint}ii{moyzie] says (9:33 PM):

bodoh la u