Saying like it is

Posted on December 30, 2007


Unbeknown to my conscious mind I’ve a knack of being rude, obnoxious and insulting lil thing. How I’ve grown to be like that… well I’m not sure. It’s definitely not from the genes or the folks, I think I learn somewhere along the way from televisions and books. However I do not find myself being the three characteristic above I mention (ok, maybe just a little), I think it’s my sense of high humour- dry humour.

People who really knows me well, well got the hang of it and it has become a norm to them. Quote from what IronChef said, “ the day you act nice, is the day something is wrong with you”!

Please don’t get the statement above wrongly… I’m not a big time evil person, I’m just mean, wicked and intolerant to lots most of the time. But I’m nice la… I’m NICE!!

So there goes my chance of befriending new people and knowing potential suitors… gone LA!!

I don’t think I’m careless with my remarks, I just say like it is. I say it spontaneously whatever comes to my mind after a split second of filtering what to and not to say.

I ambiguously like the fact I can be unintentionally insulting, I didn’t realize this inborn trait I had in me after much corruption of the media and novels. I got to tone down that bit. Sigh~ it’s hard to be yourself as you get older. Why did my maam ever keep telling me to be pleasant and nice to people that I don’t see the need for? I know it won’t kill me but it takes my patience.


Just so you know… I like those unpleasant characters from Disney characters and fictional stories. Such as Grumpy from Snow White, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Tarabas from Cave of the Golden Roses, Peter Pan, Lee Young-Jae from Full House… etc. You get the characters.

I find them delightfully funny in their own negativity, wit and sarcasm. There’s no point of sarcasm, dry wit humor when no one gets it anyway. Redundant. No one to appreciate. My as well be mute and stay mute.

Okie back to Parasites, my lovelies which I can’t distinguish one from the other, except those really good looking distinguishable ones. Love them most especially.

Another just a nice to know… Jea put my infamous trait in a nicer way =)
“but i personally think that since u’ve ventured out on ur own – u have learnt to be more tactful in a way. but sometimes when u choose to be honest – u can be very blunt.”

And someone told me not to beat around the bush once… sigh! Growing older!

Hum bug!


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