Royal Priesthood Cafe

Posted on January 2, 2008


I’m so arrgh… from parasite lab exams. Turn out these things are not my lovelies at all… pfft! Horrible creepy ugly hard to recognize bunch of no good! Except for leeches, they have medicinal values! Good good!

In dire to do something more Oomph to usher the new year, so a few of my favourite hang out people were out chomping at the newest restaurant or they claim cafe near the Catholic church of Ijen. Came upon it by accident when IronChef and i were on our way back from a moment with J.C.

Royal Priesthood Cafe
Royal Priesthood Cafe, Jln. Merbabu, 21

Ever been there yet? It’s new… their grand-opening is on the 15th of Januar. We went for their soft-opening. Ok, i don’t know what does soft-opening, never heard of it before until recently and i’m suspecting it’s a direct translation from the B.I language.

The owner is pretty cool! She speaks english! Yeah! kekeke… alright she was nice on our first meet. i promised to bring friends here to try out. It’s a really nice ambiance place to eat and hang out, only problem is they portion is small and prices are big! And i judge too soon when i saw their pricing for western food, because it was cheaper than Amsterdam. But got to give them credit for having glamorous name for their dishes. Ok, it’s an inch closer to what there is in Malaysia. Bring me to Salmon steak anytime people!

outside of the corner
outside of the place

hahaha… looks like a lion’s cage from here! They played nice Christmas songs. This place is owned and run by Christian people, they are warm people. Hehehe… the taukehsou asked us where were we from and told us that we can stay at the restaurant if we have no where to stay but we must eat there la… o.0″ Marketing promotion…

You saw the 10% discount there on the banner? Well i failed to have it register in my head, so i ask her for a discount and she said sure 10%. ZhaDou!

The Promised Land
The Promised Land

That was my the piece of land i was buying. They have really Christian names for their Western food. Which sounds pretty cool, unique la =) My friend’s Terriyaki looks good and smell good but the terriyaki sauce itself had not enough of flava.

Sadly most of the slab of meat given was really small, the size of plam only and 1cm thick! Yes i measure it! Don’t be fooled by my order, looks big right? Loads of flour with flatten meat. They stinge in a way that the amount of French Fries they give was countable!!

Trumper horns Vendor
Trumpet Horn vendor

New Year is filled with the blaring of trumpets and horns at the sharp of midnight! The Malang city that usually sleeps at 9pm is kicking and alive on the New Year Eve. Alot of people and vehicles were heading somewhere ahead of Jln. Ijen just to participate in their countdown. Not me… congested places here only means one thing.. pick pockets! Fuhh yor.. don’t want!

okie trumpet and horn picture is not clear… will give you a better photo to see next year la.

Happy New Year Everyone! May you be bless with great fortunes!

May you be much bless with good Health (most importantly), Wealth and Happiness!

Hope you had a wonderful 1st Jan celebration =)

btw… old man, you cut me off from telling you stuff. Hmmph! Will tell you when i remember it.

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