Pulau Sempu, South of Malang

Posted on January 4, 2008


I went to Sempu Island a day trip during Hari Raya Haji Korban. The beach is at the South of Malang, 70km from the Malang City itself. I went with some cool people which most of them i don’t even know and paid Rp50k for the whole trip. We booked two cars and drove all the way to the higher grounds to reach Sendang Biru.


Sendang Biru

See those boats? We have to take motor “perahu” to the other side of that piece of land. hehehehe.


Pulau Sempu is that…



Off we go…


Mangrove Forest

before reaching the beach itself we had to hike through the mangrove forest you see. Ok the hiking was bad… slippery, muddy, lots of mosquitoes. This is my 2nd time going hiking. This time it’s better cos there were so many boys to help around. Thankfully not many girls went!

As we went higher the route got smaller and rockier… ooh! ok i manage with lots of help along the way! YEAH!

The beach was spectacular from those i’ve been anywhere so far. Didn’t take any scenery of the beach… but how does this sounds?

Crystal Clear water, secluded beach, with a cove of it’s own.

Some facts of Pulau Sempu, South of Malang
1) South of Malang is an endemic place for Malaria
2) Apparently they have great cheap seafood there, according to my seniors but i guess the group i went with didn’t know.
3) The island is a reserve island by the Indonesian government, hence it’s all natural baby!
4) there’s no resort or sanitation in the island, just the island itself
5) bring mosquitoes repellent, better still minyak angin!

So if you want food and water we got to buy it before going there. We can get stuff from Sendang Biru too but limited variety of food or course, only buns! We brought lots of mineral bottles there, as the hike is strenuous.

They don’t have rubbish bins there either, so kindly take your rubbish with you when you’re leaving the place. The locals here don’t do that, sadly even the people i went with don’t do that. I think someone does goes to the island and clean it up because it is so clean.. unless the waves took it away to the bigger sea.


The crew i went with minus two photographers

These people finished up my bought in Malaysia’s repellent! I will suggest use minyak angin, because it last longer, even when sweating it won’t wear off so fast.

The best part of the end of the whole trip was having to climb the gate to get inside my place with the help of some friends. That was because the caretaker went for holidays and the person in charge was missing in action! Forest climb is definitely better than gate climbing. I’ve short limbs! I can’t reach the other end =(