UnMer, DJ Nova

Posted on January 5, 2008


*sound the alarm* there’s a clubbing spot opposite my place! Arrgh!

Imagine on a beautiful cold morning, you hear someone rapping at freaking 5 or 6 in the morning, “czech, czech, czhech…. ccczzhech!”, which suppose to be ‘check, check, check, check… ccheck’.


A few hours later you hear someone screaming with the loudspeakers on, cheering you to dance, dance, dance, just when you are still in bed dreaming of somewhere nice with a movie star. Then you were brought back to unhappy reality….

Exams are coming, and you got to study, the racket outside is so not helping! Thank kiu to mother nature for not pouring hard enough today so that the whole session they have could have been canceled.

So this was the big deal of an event organise by University (pariwisata) Merdeka Malang, Jl.Ijen.


DJ Nova was in the house! He is good! =)

They were having this promotion on visit Indonesia, but somehow the promotion looks wrong. Or perhaps they were learning how to organise events and holiday attraction, after all it is a Hospitality and Hotel Management University.

The banner’s says :”LET’S DO THE BEST FOR OUR TOURISM”, “Dance Competition”, “DJ NOVA”!

at night, the place turn into a clubbing spot



yeah, you can see from across the road everyone was doing their thang as the Dj spin the latest song of the year.


Many Jakun-fied people parked their vehicles at the side of the already small road to make it more congested than it should be, sat themselves on the bike and start watching. sigh~ people here really have nothing better to do!

The music was good but it was so distracting. sigh! I’m stress… i think i’m easily stress.