Top 10 questions i dislike

Posted on January 6, 2008


As a foreigner you’re the sore thumb, the polished diamond in the midst of pebbles, the one that is ET like, a person who wore the wrong pair of slippers on each foot.

Every new person i meet will ask me questions which at first i will happily answer but now i will begrudgingly answer.

The basic question that i’m tired of being ask:
1) which part of Malaysia are you from?
2) why do you choose to study here?
3) what is your favourite food in Indonesia?
4) Do you have a boyfriend/ where is your boyfriend?
5) how did you manage to speak good BI?
6) where are you studying?
7) what are you studying?
8) the old joke on the maternity hospital in Malaysia
9) how many languages you speak?
10) what do you think of Indonesia?
11) where do you like better here or Malaysia?
12) what religion are you?
13) you’re a chinese right?

I don’t like this questions anymore!! Don’t ask me!! Ask me something else! I know it’s ridiculous of me, but i’m bored of the question. Give me a throw me off question.

The questions i don’t like most would be 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13.

I feel awkward every now and then when they ask no.4 I hear big fishes sharperning their teeth and screaming “YES!, another one in the market! An exotic one too!”

After answering question 7 & 9 i feel as if people have shrunk a few sizes smaller than me. They start going… “ooh, wah, fulamak”! Ok, i’m normal la, just that it’s like that in Malaysia for Chinese to know their dialects and have good command in English, not forgetting BM too. It’s not a super-hero study course i took up, so don’t give me that look. I don’t feel smart!

One of the stupid thing i’ve heard here on question 8. Do you know that the Indonesian thinks that in KL, there is a hospital with ward named as Hospital Sakit Tuan or something similar. Do we? Do we? From what i know, it’s ‘No’? They will laugh so hard as if that was the funniest thing they ever heard. I couldn’t be more polite and do some dainty laughter myself.

Home is still the best! so why question 11? I got everything there, the main source of my existence and my big, big playground which i’ve not explore fully at all!

The Chinese or look like chinese will double check my race out! Pei!~ Then they double check my religion! Very important now la?! Isn’t it obvious that i’m yellow skin?

If they knew i attend all religious functions here with my friends, they will probably go OMG!! What is wrong with her?!!!


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