*tinker* Back to school

Posted on January 7, 2008


I’ve a mad, weird, crazy trait of being creative at stress moments, especially when it is during the examination period when I have to study like a mad student. All sort of creative notions will creep from all four corners of my brain. Heck…


this is what mad student like me look like in the room

This time I was day dreaming about returning to high school in a not so different way. Why I was thinking of my secondary school is because of 261. Two day ago, a few 5Amanah 2005 gathered for a yum-cha session. They planned to go back to school today. Hearing this I wasn’t interested at all, until now.

Wouldn’t it be amusing to go and visit high school in your uniform again? That was what went through my head… (ok, 261, I was thinking of YingYe 3+1 a lil) and punked the whole school? Teachers especially! Kekekekek…. My imagination is so entertaining me right now. =)


no, school didn’t suck at all! As long there’s the 5Amanah crew =) the teachers and students

All I need now is to find some school partners in crime to join me. Wakakakaka… I plan on breaking all the rules when I’m there this time, to make up for all my goodie good two shoes years for not violating any school rules. I need to find a school uniform now, I want to wear the blue pinafore!

So here’s the itinerary:
We can either attend assembly or go during recess time.
We join the students that share the same teachers we had before for classes but we sit at the back.
Get ourselves into trouble to be send to the HEM room!
Play ponteng at the corners of the school
Disturb the teachers, most importantly!

OMG OMG!! I’m so excited actually! Who is with me?!