5 years ago

Posted on January 9, 2008


Oh how time flies…

Oh how time flies…

 staring back at the sun
starring back at the sun


The 2nd turning point of my education

when I was in Form 4 after passing PMR with flying colours.


I cried shamelessly for being in a class that I was purposely placed, I didn’t deserve to be there, I was really meant to be some other class.


Finally, being a class that which held promising promises of delightful, wonderful classmates and teachers.


Knowing that subjects are harder than the ‘keci-keci, sap-sap water’ from 3 years before. Honeymoon year starts… I played, I fool around, I enjoy the company of friends and activities more than ever.

 i played, fool, enjoyed

I fail my first official subject; I took it in like a man because I had foreseen it. I knew I had time to make amends catch up, I played, fool around and learn something else instead.


5 years later




oh how time flies…

oh how time flies…

for me and you


My twin is at the turning point that I once was.

My look-alike took up the same subjects I did.


Never have I anticipated that he would ask me on the tuitions I went before… never have I.


I look forward; I really look forward for him to enjoying the few tuitions and teachers I like most then.


I look forward; I really look forward to see him go through all this. Is like reliving the memories of yester years.


Enjoy it bro, this will be one of the best time of your life =), enjoy it all! I’m excited for you as I was excited for me.

siblings affection