Life’s Measurements

Posted on January 9, 2008


How do you measure life?
how do you measure life?

I measure happiness by the doses of endorphins that fill my body system, the quiet contentment I attain in myself, the personal delights of self achievements, the good things that falls upon the closest people I have.


I measure brilliance and smart by the statement from a piece of paper and more from what I see in another person’s thinker and tanker of solving problems, creating and discovering new things.


I measure success by the achievements of life and making a difference in the world or in people’s life, not forgetting the amount of money a person makes.


I measure friendship by those who are true and understand you and accepts you for who you are.



I measure a person by their reputation, attitude, personality, interaction and what I perceive from them.


I measure love by words, thoughts, and actions of a person with intuition


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