Holidays Updates

Posted on January 28, 2008


Sorry for the long intermission of absence. My internet connection was cut off because i didn’t pay January’s internet service bill. I finished my Sem3 examinations on friday and was in Malaysia ever since the 19th for the semester break for nearly one week plus now.

Would have probably came back a little more later if it weren’t for my lecturer from hell who wanted to come to Malaysia too and ask me to be their personal tour guide. Which i did for two days. Tagging with them shopping is really something different, as in i got to see in  the eyes of an outsider on what’s it like to see other adult’s kids bounce of with excitement when shopping. They pull for their mom to buy this clothing and that, ask her to see whether it looks good on them and asking if it was alright to buy this material. If they don’t get it, they try to talk around into changing their mom’s mind. Lol! That time only i realize i am probably like that too when shopping with my parents =) hehehe

Btw… her children are both older than me… -_-”

Guess what? I think taking the commuter is easy! Ok… it took me so long to realise how fun it was this time when you’re not rushing for work. I know how to take the monorial too! I mean i know where is it situated now, thanks to HOBS!

Met HOBS and Cheers up, it’s been nearly two years since we left UnPad that 2006. All three of us went our separates ways ever since but do keep in touch on sms-es from time to time. HOBS brought us to Pavillion in KL by using the monorail. Huhuhuhu…. and treat us to tea time ;P I had mini Escargots! Not bad! Pics later. Pavillion is big! and expensive so not a place to do some serious shopping more to window shopping. Walk around Sungai Wang too, omg i saw lots of SEAFOOD there! The clothes there are reasonably cheap but the amount of people on that weekend was too many and it felt lack of Oxygen in there.

Pyramid 2 is awesome… lots of those Harujuku and rought edge fashion for those who likes it. According to 261, some of the lala-clothings you find there is 2 times more expensive for the exact ones you can get in Sungai Wang. Shoes this season catches my fancy! But i don’t plan on buying the whole place even if i like all, so it’s kinda hard to choose and buy. I’m spoil for choices now. Another great thing about Pyramid is.. it is such a food haven place now. They have all the famous eateries, namely Tony Roma’s, Secret Recipe, Zen Sushi, Zen from Secret Recipe, Wendy’s (coming soon), TGIF, J co, Shogun (famous sushi buffet restaurant) and etc…

My new house is great! Such a relaxing show off place to be =D It’s true that my parents said there are lots of birds in the house because of the prosperous garden and the rice they keep eating from the dog’s bowl.

CNY this year sounds really smashing! All of the relatives are dropping by this time, and this means all the cousies are in the house! Lil old Elizabeth will be coming from USA soon, after not seeing her for 9 years! She married edi! So ain’t it dandy to have an extra red packet coming in >.<

There will be less post until i’m kick back to MALANG. Till the next one, take care Wanderer, Aunt Judy, Li and you-who-is-reading.