tuesday 3rd week of class in Sem 4

Posted on March 11, 2008


Aherm… i’m still on hiatus!

Well let’s see my laptop is having a problem. It can detect and connect to wireless network but i’m not online! The green signal is on but something is wrong somewhere but is not the firewall or the settings on the laptop. So i got some long investigation to do.

 so there’s nothing much i can say right now. but i do mis blogging. hehhehe.

anyway this week the malaysian society will be having a bowling tournament! I’m playing =) just for fun la.

Sad to say to my homies, that i don’t think i’ll be back on June. I’ll see people on August hopefully or you guys can fly here =D

The only thing interesting i did today was doing lab work staining test on some anonymous TBC’s patient sputum to check out it’s shape and colour and the other staining was to check out some malicious spore micro bacteria! Thankfully Alberto had one more extra face mask and hand scoon@ hand gloves.

Some of my friends didn’t wear any and they are worried big time that they are going to get TBC. 0.O

i need to go entertainmain myself now… i’m getting very easily restless. Till when i get chance to come online again. Much thanks to kuthuk terrr—sayang!