Finding for my friend

Posted on March 13, 2008


You Shi Qi with english pinyin and translation

6B gathering 2007
my primary school mates after 8 years later…

All grown up people. The lady in the middle with a child on her lap, that’s my form teacher back in standard 5&6. She was one newbie teacher of the school in standard 5 and was really stict but she is nice. After learning from her for one year, all of us didn’t want her to not be our form teacher for standard 6 despite being afraid of her.

The gal Lulu, wearing white on the right side of the teacher, that was my Class monitor!She’s a smart sanguine one, currently studying un UM taking up Chinese Studies. Don’t judge her small size, she have one loud booming voice for a tiny person like her! She was one of the cuter character around. Lots of fond memories with her.

The gal wearing pink with purple specs is Evelyn who’s studying in Sunway ACCA. She was one heck of a small little mischief of quite a bit. I’ve last seen her back in F5.

… I’m feeling sentimental …

when friendship goes awry
…this post was written back in 13January2008… enjoy the song!