The Bully- RM (14th April ’08)

Posted on March 21, 2008


If the early morning due is the one
that makes the Roses shine
Then it is you
Who make me shine

Happier I am by your side
Looking forward to your sight
So warm, so tangible, so cuddly, so passionate
Being envelope by these is like having a cottage full of candies

 Like the candle you illuminate brightness
Knowing every cells in me
So well, that i get caught when i pretend
Thats why you so love to bully me. Don’t you?

 You are such a bully
Coz i see the chicky, naughty grin
when you have successfully irritated me
I frown and leap, scream and shout
Coz you do it so well. Master of bullies

Yo… you are damn funny
Sometimes expressions that i don’t expect
It’s like an unexpected visitor
Yet i entertain it with great hospitality

A ‘cool’ bully you are
Who is the director of your own ‘play’?
However behind the big ‘put on’ bully scene 
I know lies my TRUE FRIEND.