Back to School 08

Posted on March 23, 2008


Everytime when semester break comes around i would say it has been one of the greatest semester break i had =)

This time was the best so far… (haha!) I think it’s due to the fact that there was lots of new things waiting and i met up lots of friends that i didn’t for a long time.

The new house is great! Very spacious! I think kids can play seek with the adults and still be unfound. Evenings are one of the nicer time to seat outside in the garden to watch the birds chirping and playing before heading for their nest. The pup, Toto was fun to bully! I pulled it’s tail, whack it and drop it by accident (oops!). Too bad i don’t think we shower it enough attention to keep as a pet. Hence it’s given away to someone who can care for it.

Remembered i said i wanted to return to highschool and meet up some teachers? Vic, Vco and Dar went before i came back and how were they boasting that they got treated to a very tall mug of Neslo ice from the teachers at the canteen. Apparently, only teachers who orders can get more in a bigger sundae plastic glass, but students merely get theirs in a small paper cup =p Yeah, we gals had our fair share of fun as well… or shall i say more? Pn.Loy, Pn.Looi, Pn.Chuah all took time to chat with us in the canteen. Not only they treated us to that ‘famous’ Neslo ice but also some hock kien white kiuh steamed with dried prawns and eaten with sambal! Sadly my outrageous idea of going back to school in uniform didn’t work out. No one wanted too =p and the fact that Jea reminded me i may get caught and charge for harming the students by Pn.Chong wasn’t a very tempting idea.

5years later in highschool

This is the exact class room… last block, highest floor the end of the class… where 5Amanah was in 2004. Now the class is used by 4B, they were having recess then and there’s this gal was so nice enough to help us snap some photos. 3 of us sitting at the exact spot during then.

Rach, Yana and i were reminding each other of what happened before (frankly most of it i forgotten or wasn’t too aware >.<)

::writings on the wall::

Jalan Vco


yes, and the art work of SuSu still exist till this very day! Hehehe… Susu is the only one who can rub it off the wall now, because he was the only ever tall and lanky fella who did it.

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