Lappie hospitalize, i’m with headache

Posted on March 23, 2008


Someone once said i’m a worry-wort. I didn’t like it. Then as the time goes by i realise, “hey i’m one big worry wort”! I wish i don’t sweat easily on the small stuff and focus on the big stuff instead.

Been sleeping a lot for these few days. I sleep through my worries. Then i chant my mantra on not sweating on the small stuff. Especially stuff that i can’t take control on.

My lappie has one tiny problem but it’s malfunction will cost me my assignments. Thankfully i got great friends to back me up to allow me to use their lappie and internet connection for free! Don’t know what i will do without you two! I’ve been cracking my head on how to reformatting the lappie, non has worked! I’ve been disturbing DM, Jea, Iron chef’s friend, Kuthuk’s friends, a few more ppl from Indonesia on this little cyst! Couldn’t take it or figure it out, finally took it to Angkasa at Jln. T.G.P. Will be collecting it tmr only with the external hard drive.

I’m jinx with gadgets i tell you. While transfering files from my friends external hard drive to another laptop, the external drive wouldn’t work. Stating the hard drive is “corrupted or unreadable”! Sigh! I didn’t do anything other than leave it to run on it’s own.

And the tv just gave up on itself! Gosh! under repairment needed!

 Alot have been going on at home with the family but none are willing to tell me anything. hmm… isn’t that unfair to me?