Goal Gincu

Posted on March 30, 2008


Imagine 3 hardcore futsal practices, 2 massive knee bruisers, 5 days of lower limbs pain and a few overstretch ligaments just to prepare for today’s futsal league. My class boys helped to trained us up to get in to the feel of the game and gives us pointers on how to play attack or defense.


In high spirits the players and my remaining batchmates went to support us all only to come back defeated and with course voices. Alright the game wasn’t so bad, the girls of my batch had last placing and that sucks big time because we were the ones that trained so hard and the rest didn’t or had light practices. Ain’t that a kick in the ass!


My batch boys did well! *applauds* they won 2nd placing! All started out cherry glazed until we had 2 lousy referees who distorted our 1st game, leaving us much pissed off!


Sigh~ so how was my first actual game? Well it’s ok despite the fact that we girls didn’t win (yes… we expected the win) and the other realization that ‘kecik molek’ people can move faster than ‘medium size- tire pancit’ people and ‘big size people’ are like blind bull dozer running and kicking legs instead of the ball.