Posted on April 4, 2008


I’m pissed again! I can’t help to say that there are too many stupido(S)  i met today. Some have brains of cows some have no sense of obligation at all.

What’s the matter with these people?
In the middle of a big group lecture, where you craning your neck and stretching your hearing receptors to the max to hear over the voice of so many excited students, and idiot have to whisper loudly in my ears, asking to borrow my notes when i asked her to hold her say for awhile whilst i try to jot down what the lecture was saying. As if that question can’t wait until later for more appropriate time!

The second idiot was such a childish person that, poking at someone’s back is can cause a burst of giggles from within. Gosh! I wonder if that person is going to ever grow up. Tell me how tickling humouring can it be by poking someone?! If it was at the right time and place, Yeah! i probably felt it was funny too. Now it’s just making me mad!

Third idiot is such an ass! As the English Class Office Helper, this idiot is suppose to help out all the students when it comes to the class facilities, mini library books and so on. Countless times we have told him that our aircon in our class is so not working that is infact redundant to the covering itself in here. The aircon control is also never around for us to try to change the temperature cause the other idiot is always having it in his pants!  Back to the 3rd beguk, he is one lazy ass! I inform earlier on that i wanted to borrow micro book from the mini library, the books from the library should b shifted to the new building but he and his partner have not done it! It has been 1 month plus and they have not transfer the books! Since the situation is so, i said i’ll wait till classes finish that day to go over to the old building to borrow the book, he replied it was fine by him. Later then, after much searching for me him he appear from no where telling me the key to the room is misplace and he doesn’t remember where it is! I ask him can i come tmr then to borrow the book? He retorted back:” Alah…. km skrg butuh aku…”.

Such a WTF reaply coming from him! Obviously i ‘butuh’ you! I need to borrow a book for my coming mid-year exam and you’re giving me innuendos! SHIT!! Right until today i don’t see him anywhere where he is suppose to be and that includes his partner too! What the heck is wrong with them!

What further seethes my anger on that beguk is that he didn’t even mention that there is another care taker at the library. I just knew of this when one of my friends went there and borrowed the same book i wanted. Now it’s too late, because i’ve asked another friend of mine to photocopy the particular chapter i wanted when instead i could have not spend money if he had help me! Such an ASS!!!! Feel like screaming at him!! IDIOT!!!!!!!

The idiot! If my classes does not end at 3pm and when it always rain, i myself will go there to check the place to see if it was open. IF i weren’t so fill we dreaded slimy greenish yellowish mucus and phlegm i will kill him myself! Now my nose is so congested that flames of anger cannot dissipate through my nasals that i have to open my mouth like a freaing gaping goldfish!

ARRRGH~~~~~~~~~~~ #%^
$()$_%PB HF