Walking back to being ill memory lane

Posted on April 7, 2008


I remember the time I played the usual kids game- running, chasing, jumping, and skipping but ended up suffering from shortness of breath, deep wheeze and phlegmatic cough for the remaining hours of the day until I fell asleep.

Kids can be pretty accepting when they are still young, I remembered wanting to play but I couldn’t run so much so I told them that I was having asthma. They were like ‘ok’, they didn’t expect much from me and allow me play along anyway. Makes me wonder now, did they actually knew what asthma is all about.

By the way I’m having one persisting flu and cough that is having me bothered, hence the post.

Self diagnose signs and symptoms:

The night before, I had inadequate rest that might have triggered the cold. Later in the night I had sore throat. Weather in Malang is loco, the days are hot but the nights and morning are really cold. Everyone is getting the flu bug.

Day1- woke up with a burst of sneeze followed up by a few more episodes (usually I get this every morning due to sinus). The cold progress throughout the day and the sore throat was wearing off by the day. My nose was very sensitive to all sort of scent especially cigarettes smoke then. The flu beat the crap out of me that I had to rest for a few hours after taking Adezio and Parasetamol. Was feeling more energize than before but not long later the flu return.

Day2- I had morning sinus usual, even light walking to the campus didn’t do any good to the stubborn flu. Every inactivity causes me to sneeze more. The phlegm that got clog on in my bronchus and bronchiol irritated me throughout the day and night causing me to cough. Later in the afternoon I had block nose that made me breathe through my mouth only and I felt like some goldfish!

I only hope I can get better tomorrow if not I think I head to the pharmacy and get myself prescript some strong drug that can kick some bacteria off my system. I want to start breathing like normal! Having congested nose is no fun, air particles can irritate my throat to cough badly.

ok today is the 5th day.. im the flu is better now after taking some flu medication from here. Didn’t see any doc though. Will talk on some components in drugs next time!

btw: i like the new wordpress! =) Thumbs up