Lecturer says the darnest things! 16/04/08

Posted on April 27, 2008


Joke of the Day:

How do you translate ‘Susu Ibu’ in English?

Answer: Milk Mother.

Sentence- Milk Mother contains antigens and adequate nutrients to breast feed infants.

In mandarin it would be known as Nai Ma.


That was part of a question from my Public Health exam today. I was so annoyed by the whole paper for its terrible direct translation and spelling error. That I had to take many deep breaths to calm my nerves and to control the spasm in me because I felt like laughing out loud in the exam hall and crying in agony at the same time. Pure Torture! Usually the exam paper is bilingual but this time they decided to save ink and paper to give the students some mental torture.

I feel like complaining (in a nice way of course) and volunteer to help out to translate the exam questions for the future students, saving them from vomiting blood.