Pet Peeve(s) 2

Posted on May 1, 2008


….cont. from Pet Peeve(s) 1

Ok, I think i’m well known for my own strong feelings of dislikes that i can’t seem to be quiet about it hence i blurt it all out here and not in real life.

7) It’s funny how people have the knack to ask you what is the next social agenda after they cancel on you for the one that they have been begging you to organize. How insensitive!

8) I’ve always like the concept “being responsible for your own deeds and actions” because it’s less complicated in that way and you don’t need to drag the whole lot of people with you. However in the context of the views of people here, as someone ‘older’, you are already deemed responsible for the ‘younger’ ones actions. It is irritating and absurd but you can’t do much to prevent that because they are your country’s men.

9) I’m great at showing faces! Recently i’ve got the taste of my own medicine, which makes my blood boils when they are in my vision. There’s the cantonese saying: “you see their backs you want poke them, you see they face to face you feel like digging their eyeballs out!” (okie… translation got lost somewhere but it pretty much sums up the meaning).

10) The childishness of a young adult not being able to confront the problems with people they have- hence the unsaid words of dissatisfaction and anger seething in the depths of the childish heart which in the end resurface on expressions.

11) Having to give in. It’s not i don’t… but if one two many times, it’s call you’re being STEP ON! So when do you have enough? Being much sensitive does not give you perks on letting you have what you want most of the time so that other people have to give in to what you want.

12) Egoistic educators- The ‘milk mother’ examination still irks me so. I want to help change it, but how to tell the boss that he needs help without damaging that ego and not jeopardizing yourself or batchmates being black listed.

this pretty much summarizes the updates of recent happenings, all is well no major issues just one of the growing up situations that i have to face… Humbug!