Hospital & Insurance

Posted on May 11, 2008


Jaundice is a silent killer because it is asymptomatic until the yellow colour appears in your eyes. Usual symptoms you that get so often that you neglect your health, sweep it aside and go on with your busy life, never knowing that you are actually festering something that is going to destroy your health. Every healthy human being when sick have the right to be paranoid! A little body ache or discomfort, a persistent flu or cough should not be taken lightly.

There’s a lot of differential diagnosis for jaundice. It can be due to bile duct obstruction, over hemolytic of the red blood cells, hepatitis virus and etc.

Cayam a good friend of mine have been admitted to the hospital for obstruction of the biliary duct after been diagnose by the surgeons. Thankfully it was not Acute Hepatitis

This is a case of negligence of one health and looking down at little body discomfort that turned into something major. Two weeks ago he went to Jakarta, fell sick there. He had 5 days of fever, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite for nearly one week. He looks healthy and feels fine despite all those small ailments. 2days ago he found out he’s eyes were slightly yellow but didn’t put much to consideration. Thankfully he told someone about it, thankfully we are learning the about the liver clinically, thankfully there was super nice lecturers to help out and thankfully that the last class of the day was canceled.

I’m glad he was pushed by a few of us to go for a check up because he had put off another day, something horrible might have happened! We went to SIMA lab that is situated exactly opposite the Stadium AREMA, it’s sign board is ridiculously hidden by tree branches and leaves. It is near Jl. Kawi, Jl.Bromo, and Jl. Semeru. The lab had only Hepatitis B lab test which cost a hefty amount of RP 160k. A full package to check from blood to liver is a healthy sum of RP 799k! It’s nearly my 3 months rent i pay here. We were looking for labs that runs hepatitis test because seniors, friends and lecturers thinks he might have Acute Hepatitis. He was indeed turning obviously yellow on the skin as the hour pass. I can’t believe once again we run into good luck that came from a good karma of a dear lookalike senior. We met a doctor there who suggested we should go to see Dr.Harihadi, he has a private clinic that is situated somewhere near Jl. Merbabu but we ended up checking out the Lavallete Hospital to find the famous Gastro-intestinal-hepatica doctor that she was referring to us about. She was most nice and helpful and so was her friend. Imagine a stranger who helped you and drove you around to look for the place you want to go.

Hospital system in Indonesia is unlike Malaysia, it’s very unsettling for me to be there because “money talks” in here. Medications, Vaccines, Jabs, syringes and other medical items must be purchase first at the pharmacy before the doctor treats you. Lab test that is needed to be done right away, is being put on hold just because it will be easier for them to collect a few more samples to be sent to the lab. Getting a few packs of blood or plasma from the blood bank also there is a need to wait for the attendant to finish smoking a cigarette. The waiting room for patient’s family members is too small, that ppl had to stand or sit outside at the road pavement of the Emergency Ward entry. That is what my friends and i saw during the 2 hours wait for the blood sample report to arrive with the other two reports for kidney and liver, however they ‘forgotten’ to send in the other samples for the latter reports. So we had to wait for another 2 more hours.

In the Emergency room, it was bustling with docs and patients, and there were many of them there had to wait, wait and wait. Specialist or big shot docs rarely comes in unless there is a very important case or really life-threatening emergency cases. Makes you wonder if you’re a patient… where did compassion run to when you are there.

Around midnight, Cayam went for his USG and the result was he has 3 stones compressing his biliary duct and his kidney has small stones. He was discharge from the hospital around 3 am.

My Icterus friend board the evening flight the next day and with teary eyes and runny nose. Thank goodness he decided to return to get treatment, at least he will be in good hands. I don’t mean to belittle the teaching hospital but it frightens me so to think that i’m going to be a product from this hospital. That’s because his USG result taken in Malaysia shows no sign of stones in his liver. Where did the stones go?

Being hospitalize in the hospital here doesn’t come cheap, even if it is a government hospital. One night cost about Rp 1juta, with that money my as well check in to a 4star hotel to cheer and pamper yourself than stay in a dumpy room that may share with some other unknown patient.

It is hard to find insurance that covers for student studying in a third world country. I remembered that my dad had to pay some premium price just because i’m studying in Indonesia where it is famous for it’s natural disaster.
Last week, selected Malaysian PKPMI students throughout Indonesia went to Jakarta for a meeting. Our insurance prayers are answered! Apparently, MARA students are covered with insurance, RP 3juta is paid a year for per student. Ain’t that fine! So now, MARA is so nice, they are asking the non-MARA students to join TAKAFUL Indonesia insurance- Fulmedicare Hospitalization Program.
The premium per person per year ranges from RP 149k to RP 662 650. Benefits includes Room&Board per day, ICU per day, Miscellaneous Supplies, Surgical (surgeon’s fee, anesthetist fee, theater fee), Physician’s visit per day, Specialist fee, Pre&post Hospitalization, Ambulance, Emergency Dental, Emergency outpatient and death benefit- this is an unlimited per policy year.