Saturday 17/05/08

Posted on May 18, 2008


Last night was an unproductive night, can’t believe i was looking at the clock every one hour to see when was saturday coming. Saturday wasn’t all swell either. I should have went to Bale Kambang… than mope in my room.

After that lab theory exam, i went for a movie with my 2 chicas. IRonMan!
Gosh, Robert Downey Jr. sure age finely… he’s physic is too fit compared to his saggy skin on the face and neck. Yes, i was starring to hard. Love the technology in the movies but i never really enjoy marvel com comics much anyway, except for X-Men.

ok… i kinda know what i want and don’t know at the same time. Maybe it is just i don’t know how badly that i want it.

Green Curry Craving
it’s been one month since i want to eat green curry!! Sigh… hope i can make some tomorrow!

ring la
wait wait wait…. i usually get private calls when i’m having exams. Ok, it’s good… but yet reeaally distracting when the conversation ends. Now i got no exams… but the phone doesn’t rings and i’m waiting. I’m feeling baaah! That’s why i’m anticipating for private calls to elevate my mood.

~feeling hungry and waiting for sunday to come… mood has elevated a lil now =) ~

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