David vs David

Posted on May 19, 2008


American Idol Season 7

oohh.. this season is just one tough competition compared to the previous. The contestants are just getting better and better, tying the notch higher and higher every new season. This is probably one of the best seasons by far that is very exciting, although i’ve no tv to watch but the first few episodes i watched got me hook cos the participants were so good!

So my two favourite Davids did make it up to the top!
So my two favourite Davids did make it up to the top!

Yeah was really hook when i heard David Archuleta singing… he has that clear voice ringing. Goofy personality not in a bad way and very”likable” person like what Seacrest said.

David Archuleta
Downloaded few of the songs that he sang.. and i was smitten by his version of Think of Me from The Phantom of the Opera! aaahhh…. =)

Davis Cook
David Cook did no less either! Makes me rethink how good was Gerard Butler at singing The Music of The Night from The Phantom of the Opera. Maybe next time, Cook can play the cast of Phantom too =D

The one Song that i can’t get off mind, that left such a lasting impression from David Cook was when he sang Happy Together by The Turtles!
OMG! IT was THE BOMB la!! It’s a slow song and was an advertising theme song for KFC back when i was younger than 5 that is like nearly a decade and a half years ago! He turned the song into some new rock&roll alternative version! Hell yeah! Love the performance of that song too!
Not many male participant from the idols (or non at all) that i’ve watched will sing a rendition from a female singer. Cook pulled it off nicely on Mariah Carey’s- Always be my Baby!

I’m really not a big fan of Mariah but i do like that song… with Cook singing it was cooking for me 😉

So guess what… all the rambles on Davids, i think you know who i’m rooting for! =)