Happy Wesak Day

Posted on May 19, 2008


Brother and sisters in the Dharmma and all people



May every living being be free from danger,
May they be free from physical sufferings,
May they be free from mental sufferings,
May they be able to keep themselves well and happy always.

With Metta,

I’m particularly irked now.
Stupid Calender here says it’s Wesak Day and holiday on tuesday! The actual day is today, Monday!!!
And i got CLASSES!!!

I’m still irked from last year too.
Stupid Malaysian Calender put wesak like one month earlier! HOW the …. did that happened!??

Yes… colourful words seems to be forming from my mouth… i’m irked abt the calenders of two countries!! IJEETZ!!!

Neways: Private call appeared! Much more contented now =) Nothing beats mother’s instincts and Jea’s 6 sense.