Night of Wesak

Posted on May 20, 2008


I have class on Wesak day, believe it or not because the calender in Indonesia says it is Wesak today hence the one day public holiday.

I was helping out in Vihara Dhamma Mitra at Soekarno Hatta, a Theravada Buddhist temple.

the Dhamma hall

It’s a small temple, there’s was nearly 40 people who came and participate. Oil lamps were being sold for
Rp 5000. No flowers were bought this year due to the lack of transportation.

Romo the owner of the temple, is renovating this small temple slowly. The building looks humongous from the front but inside is actually small.

There is no monks staying in this temple. Usually in (Indonesia) Vihara cannot have monks staying over. Some long story of disagreement that is so complicated for me to take note of the little feud that became big.

reading paritta

The youth of Buddhist in Malang and the Brawijaya University Buddhist Student (KMBM) helped to organize Wesak Celebration.

minful steps
mindful steps

Walking around the hall, being mindful.

Bathing the little Buddha below
bathing the lil buddha

A look at the alter


getting intouch with oneself

Dinner and the candies plus fruits of the alter were given to all participants after that. Mustn’t waste good stuff =)

The oil lamps were left overnight to burn.
I’m happy that some of my friends came to the temple too! Well, it’s nice to see familiar kin mans around, soothing, because it’s doesn’t feel like i’m the only one who stand out.

I played receptionist and photographer for the night, which is cooler than being a participant. hahaha.