The Finals: American Idol 7 Top2

Posted on May 22, 2008


my heart gave a big flop when i saw one of my friends msn headline was,
“I wanted D.C. to win but seriously D.A. fought back really hard. I think D.A. win liao”.

I am really rooting, totally rooting for David Cook. Amidst all the gasp i was making in front of me laptop i had to find out what happened and how and why. Those of you who have no television but very good internet connection can visit at JustJared for the direct links to watch or just surf the hosting website at RedLasso.

Honestly, the hosting website is such a pain in the ass for me because of the long buffering wait i had to endure, plus it doesn’t replay after watching, i have to wait for it to buffer again. All for the Davids this is what i do.
DAvid Cook Rockin

David Cook Sang
U2 – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (01)
Emily Shackelton – “Dream Big” (03)
Collective Soul – “The World I Know” (05)

Seriously, all these songs are not well known to lots of people. Except for the U2 song which i heard before but never knew the title of the song. He’s first two songs make it felt that you’re attending a rock concert, he turned the atmosphere into that! However, i felt as if when i was enjoying the I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For at it’s height, it ended too soon, rather abrupt. The 2nd song (which the idols will choose) Dream Big is like taking about himself and yes indeed he was dreaming big by choosing songs that shows he’s versatility rather than songs that will be the winning factor for AI 7. He was rocking all the way and the last song from Collective Soul is a little more sensitive and slow rock than his previous two songs. There’s isn’t a winning song, but the standard was there and i felt i was in a rock concert that ended too quickly… that it was “… eh finish edi?”, left me wanting more (just like the Dare You to Move song he sang), despite singing the songs with integrity and originality.

Will it be enough to put the audience on a dial for their votes?

David Archuleta belts

David Archuleta sang
Elton John – “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” (02)
Ryan Gillmor – “In This Moment” (04)
John Lennon – “Imagine” [Reprise] (06)

All DA songs are slow songs that amplifies on his clear cut voice, very enjoyable indeed. He did a very good job for all 3 songs. I like In This Moment for it’s “…egoistic and self center lyrics”- Simon Cowell.
Really felt as if he was convincing whole America to choose him so that he can prove to them what a successful idol he can be. I bought it!
I couldn’t have like any better the reprise song Imagine. I like this version so far =)

So he did choose all the right songs tonight and belted it all out beautifully like every winner-to-be idol should be doing (plus touches everyones heart with the vocals), he is adorable and likable.

Is he the voted one?

Both of them did their best! One is showing versatility and showmanship and the other is showing improvement in his vocals by singing slow songs. Tough!

Who’s your pick?