What is your Music diet?

Posted on May 26, 2008


I generally listen to all kind of music in different languages and love certain genre, mainly:

  • Big Bang/Swing Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock-pop
  • Alternative
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical
  • Instrumental

Ever since American Idol 7 i’ve changed. Like Jea, I’m on
” Cook Diet”.

LOL! Yes… i’ve been listening to his songs for a few weeks now that i think i’m going to get tired of it that i will switch to Achuletta Diet. I’ve all the songs of DA and DC from AI 6 and DA’s Analog Heart.

So please someone recommend me something else to listen to. I’ve not been keeping in touch with the airwaves.

Family usually complains my music are too noisy… they probably are more relieved that i’m not so into
trance, house, techno, experimental, avant-garde, dream pop, rave, happy hardcore… etc.

Those are massive noises. I wouldn’t be able to do anything at the same time if i listen to the song, plus those type of songs have no lyrics. I only can do jumping movements.

Question: do you like the song for the music first or lyrics first?

Usually the tune of the song gets my attention. If the tune does not ring in my ears for the first time but the lyrics caught my attention i will like the song. Hence i like the two singles by Mika on Grace Kelly and Lollipop. I think he’s lyrics are cute. ” I could be blue, i could be violet too”

I mean no one writes this type of lyrics, that i find it cute in an amusing way. It’s out of the mundane.

After a short exchange of views on what songs are cute… i got to say and agree that it is our most familiar song- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

“up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky”…. Come on , u must admit that this kid got taste, at the age of 3 he already knows what is a bling bling first, then only comes the star. this kid has class. – kazeko

Now you agree so, don’t you 😉
3 year old
:: I’m a rockstar who knows her bling-bling ::