Full Full Full

Posted on May 28, 2008


It’s going to be another hiatus for the next 1 month plus, which starts this week. So don’t expect to see much content from here unless it’s one of my emo- exams rants. I may have a draft or two which i’ve not posted yet, and it’ll take awhile cos i need to resize pictures and my all time favourite photoshop program is gone. I need to find the program.

I’ve once and all settle my pork cravings for the next few months, it will sustain me until i go back to msia =)
I’m utterly full from BABI GULING!! No pics, cos i forgot my camera and it was a random outing and a nice heart to heart talk with MAH.

Bought some for KAS, poor gal, She got knock down by a car who apparently was oblivious that there were two people infront of his parked car. He knock them down, leaving the one with bruises and the other one fell on the tar road with the car plate cut quite deeply in her leg, leaving a 5cm long by 2cm deep cut. NASTY! Inconsiderate fella manage to leave his contact number but went in haste. She had to go to the hospital to get stitches all alone. IDIOT!

Went to this LaiLai Market near Alun-alun, and it makes me happy there to see or the unattainable stuff that i can’t get in MATOS hypermart but here. Feels a lil homely =) You think me mad, but most Malaysians who goes there comes back happy.

There was a certain age where i was madly in love with lactose. Now is one of those period where i’m loving diary products… milk and yogurt! YUM! Yogurts are so expensive here dunno why. If only i got a fridge i’ll fill it with milk and yogurt for one month! You won’t see me out from my room.

Finally bought seaweed! Waiting for the time to come when i can boil some soup =) I was initially looking for Miso paste, however, i’m illiterate in Kanji, Japanese writing. I’m not sure whether that bottle was miso paste.

Saw cold soba noodles, makes me think of 261. Wondering what’s the broth they use to make it too.