Malaysia Scholarship

Posted on May 29, 2008


SAy WHAT??~!!

Yes, S-C-H-O-L-O-R-S-H-I-P-S ! yEAH, baby yeah!

You’re probably as excited as i am now. To all those who are having a tough time to look for scholarships, you’re in luck the site i’m going to show you here is so going to make your day =)

But before that a quick rant!

I’m a FAMA student, who thinks that ppl with loan or scholarships have higher motivation than me. It’s just my point of view on how i see me. So i’m quite the boh-song that i saw this site. I wished i knew earlier on.

I’m spreading this around so that more people would know about this website, and won’t end up like me.

Here is a website where you can get the latest update on Scholarship offers to All Malaysian student studying in local universities or private universities, offered by various sponsors from Malaysia or other countries.
To those who needs it (mostly) and qualify for it here’s your chance =D
Scholarship Information Center-

Try your chances people!

Much thanks to Aisyah =) ❤

Got to add… if your family is financially capable of supporting your studies, please don’t go ripping off other people’s chances on getting scholarships, although you are qualified to apply for this. That’s just plain selfish and pain in the ass!