Getting all TECH-up

Posted on June 9, 2008


::Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) ::

Also known as handheld computer or most commonly Palmtop.

This is something i would need and want for the near-future when i’m full-fledge busy with my uh-utmost-demanding schedule. It’s pretty much cooler Diary of things to do with all this fun and high-tech featurers integrated into it- the mobile phone diary.

Handy for goldfish memory people who can’t keep track of their schedule and it will be so useful in the hospital šŸ˜‰

Nowadays it comes with coloured screens and audio capabilities, which is use as a smart phones+web browser+portable media players with the touch screen technology.
when you think PDA, think ‘touch my body”- Mariah Carey…

:IPOD Classic:

i’m can go over board when it comes to d/l songs. Cos the flavour of the week changes so fast because when i like a song it goes playing for quite sometime until it sounds stale to me.

Ipod would be a love to have since the memory space is large. It’s nice to own an Ipod Classic or Ipod Touch or Ipod Nano or Ipod Shuffle. I just need something more than 512Mb worth of storage. It doesn’t have to be an IPOD cos a friend chided me, :” if you’re a big time downloader go for the IpODs but if you’re smarter u wait for the big time tech sales to come to Malaysian shores”. So i’m going to be smart and not burn a hole in my father’s pocket.

go find out which ipod are you, if you don’t know what are those models =)
Which IPOD are you?

Play Station portable
:: Play Station Portable::

Gone are those days when gameboy was such a hype! Make way for PSP!! Gamer kids of yesterday are loving the tech of today, and the kids of today are so spoilt than yesterday. Seriously, yes!

Kids of yesterday, it’s not that your parents didn’t want to buy for u ‘canggih’ toys, it is just that that time the tech wasn’t out yet, so u can’t blame it on favouritism to the younger sibling. So why did i say that? Once upon a time, Daddy Dearest kinda accuse me of accusing him for favouritism.
Back to PSP, it’s cool because:
1) it is too small for my bro’s hand
2) it is like the coolest gameboy
3) most importantly, it has other cool really cool features like able to connect to the WIFI, chat online, take a video live.

So if you’re going somewhere where WIFI is there, it’s so convenient to share the pics u took or the place u are in with the people online.


:: Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera::

:: Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera::

So you’ve heard DSLR but you don’t know what is it all about, other than it’s a camera with WEI CANGGIH-ness that cost a bomb and looks bulky and comes with so many lens and avid photographers owns one.
Ok, same here… i know it’s features at least =p and the website, Digital SLR guide really helped to understand it better, plus this site teaches u how to choose a DSLR camera =D
This site tells u the differences of a compact digital camera and a DSLR so go read on about it, plus all those Megapixels myth is revealed in that site too!
Ain’t that Dandy!

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