So what do you think about that?

Posted on June 9, 2008


like the layout?
I do!

It’s bigger and wider, i can put larger size photos for mine and your viewing pleasure =)

This is especially for people who have a hard time reading small fonts la.

ngek ngek ngek.

And so my parents bought my flight tickets for my coming holidays. Despite all those promotions going on from AirAsia and MAS, it’s still a sore in the pocket.

AirAsia’s ticket prices are so cheap if you were coming from Indonesia and going to Malaysia. But on the other way around, it cost a bomb la! Looking at the prices u will think twice on coming back for only 2 weeks. It’s like not worth it plus the fact i’ve to fork another RP 1 juta to pay the immigration, the cost is so high that it is discouraging students to go back for short holidays.

So i received an email on my flight itinerary and the cost of the flight with all the other surcharges. Looking at the amount makes u wonder why you want to leave Malaysia or even buy the ticket! But since i’ve bought the ticket, it makes me think, i should use the ticket and leave Malaysia.

The main thing is, i know why the total of payment was attach to the email itinerary and send to me… That’s because someone wants me to return to Malang, Indonesia ASAP once the hols finishes, instead of loitering in the area of SJ and splurging more than i should.

the total amount is telling it in my face, ” you better return, you better, if not you’re going to waste this whole chunk of money down the drain! so don’t think of skipping classes!”

It’s a big scheme between the fathers and the AirAsia!