Batch2006 rocked DC 08

Posted on June 16, 2008


Despite in midst of busy madness of exams, exams, exams, and more EXAMS( next week)… the yearly Dekan Cup which was yesterday did go on as usual and this year it was the better compared to last year OMG… So Surreal Dekan Cup 07

This time thankfully i didn’t have to wear any traditional clothes for any performance, i’m tired of wearing the same thing? =p just like Uni’s Culture Event

So i let the picture do the talking cos i’m so out of breath resizing these pics and there is going to part 2 from this >.<

One of the couple of things that were done before the actual day…

::front banner for the Malaysian Booth::

Spent Rp45k to do this! Man, if only i have great photoshop skills =) i’ll make you and me look all VaVaVOOM!

::kuthuk’s mehndi::

::mehendi on me::

Practice makes perfect you see, that’s why we happily let Seets made us her guinea pigs.

Big group help 1
I got to say i love my classmates for doing all this gotong-royong work together at 6am in the morning! Because of them the stall was Fantastic since they have all the creative brain!

Big group help 2
I Swear to you it is utterly GIRL POWER! There is only 9 boys in my bacth and they are all so un-helpful, not one of them came to offer some brawn!

Girls of today
:: Malaysian Stall all ready to go- COLOURS OF MALAYSIA::
These are the girls of today, who are well sufficient without and men help. So Proud of them!

More pics on the Malaysian stall:

malaysian clothing
::ain’t clothes for sale but for display::

We got all 3 races clothing up for show πŸ˜‰ Actually it was tactical to save us time and take up place to decorate the wall =p

tiny details
Tiny details of self made decoration these girls did. It looks like fire-crackers to me. What do you think?

maniature malaysian flags
Patriotic are we to put up so many mini Malaysian flags =D
Can u See the black paper with crayon drawings on it behind the stall? Seet did it! It’s a good piece of work! Going to keep it

money money
::mo-mo-mo… money- our very own money changer, with sales of keychains and postcards from home::

I’ve you listen to Yogi B’s song on ‘all about the money’, he sang it with his band which i forgot the name. They are a group anymore but Yogi B is doing very well with rapping and singing Indian songs in Malaysia and in India too! Woot! Point Blanc was one of the ex-group member, he is the one who made IPOH famous with his hit song ‘Ipoh Mali”.

pictures of msia
We took all the pictures from last years Visit Malaysia 2007 and put it for presentation. The picture of ayam percik and Satay Kajang got us all salivating there at one point.

Bakery stall

Guess who is the famous baker behind this?
Won’t tell ya yet.

chilled orea cheese cake
:: chilled oreo cheese cake::

Ain’t it droolicious? Rumour has it that the baker is the best in MALANG!

I won’t blog on food that i had that yesterday, so it will be in another post to show you absolutely good food!

FKUB band
:: my classmate can rock::

Ok she’s has her own band ever since… i don’t know? She is really good, she goes for gigs and her stage performance is good!

Indonesian girls
Band Singer Sabz and Made the Balinese friend who will be coming back with me. I’m going to sell her off at Chee Cheong Kai!

The crowd was huge! Because these people are watching a game show… that is really icky, slimy, wiggly!

hype up
His so hype about the game! Good that he and his two team mates won this round!
Guess what is in the bucket?
::icky, slimy, wiggly::

Do you know what is that? That is a Belut, something like cat-fish, known as eel in english. It’s a bottom feeder… it feeds on anything including craps and it’s easy to find in any hawker spot in Indonesia. They love it! It’s tasty la.. no kidding! This fresh water fsh can be the size of Kembong fish k, those in the pic are baby belut.

hello batchamates
meet my fellow batch mates 2006. See we go green!

Save the World
::Save the World- in conjunction with Fighting Global Warming::

They really took lots of effort to bring pots of flowers and plants to set this up! This year the Committee of Dekan Cup is also from batch 2006 and (they) my batchmates did an awesome job! The whole event went smoothly! There were more people than last year and it was definitely more interesting.

Kompak photgraphy
these are the photos taken for the photography competition.. the theme is showing Team Spirit in everything you do with your batch mates. KOMPAK dei KOMPAK in Indonesian language.

Kompak photgraphy2
::Kompak 2006::

Wall of fame
:: msg on the cloth::

PD stands for Pendidikan Dokter. All the 2006 peepz, left their words of encouragement and signs on it. These people are really full of motivations =)

Anak Gizi
::Booth from the Nutritionist:

Their theme is hot fiery and cool angelic! So contradicting. The good thing is, their group performance and costume also keep true to their stall theme.

Garbage bag is the latest fad
:: chessboard is the new fashion::

a dress you will want to wear

:: a dress to wear for recylcle, reuse and reduce::

There was this cosplay event where you got to use natural materials and give the reasons u chose to. There fabulous pair did a great job! Such creativity on the outfit design out of Plastic Bags! Environmental friendly and garbage bag are the latest fashion fad πŸ˜‰

mehndi mistress
::mehndi mistress doing her work of art::

She’s the same person who drew the crayon drawing!

::ain’t that cool?::

Beautiful ain’t it! She has a good steady pair of hands. We had 8 types of henna drawings to choose from and modify it too. The price ranges from Rp 5k to Rp 15k.

Enough la.. need to go study now. Next one will be on Food Food and Performances!