Posted on June 28, 2008


Teenage years are cruel or the way the world works is generally cruel in its way- the dog eat dog world, the rat race and the survival of the fittest.

Along the stages of metamorphosis, People you meet changes you from time to time with or without you realizing it, as you get older u develop a keen mind of our own on how the world is and what keeps it moving mechanically. Rose-tinted glasses are put away for it mars the real world. The world is never going to be your oyster because the list of wants are getting longer as we develop an insatiable need to have everything. The mind’s satiety center is never going to be triggered to put the restless soul into rest.

I’ve been crumbled for a long while, never realizing i was until now. I lost all my senses or morality on what is right and wrong. I’m not saying that i’ve done a major mistake in action, thoughts or words. I’ve lost my integrity on certain aspect of my life that had build me up sky-high (if i were to assume).

I miss the (quite so) idealist rose-tinted glasses person i was, that person was definitely a better person than today’s muddle fool who got caught in a hurricane and turn cynical, despite laughing at all those cynical people out there and saying that, “i’m not one”.

Being a cynic have rip me off the smallest and tinniest pleasure i took in life in my un-jaded years. That tinniest pleasure was the main motivation that brought me to the path i’ve chosen for myself in the present and future. That small joy was able to lit up my whole day or lifted the dark clouds from my head, even if the rest of the day was crap or productive.

Now, i’m left with only the revelation of me, the empty core of its absence, and (from time to time) a memory of friend who reminds me on what i’ve loss.


::as pure as water, as sincere as the help given from the bottom of the heart, delights the heart that makes a person’s day:: – VerbatimCries

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