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Posted on July 2, 2008


(I received an email and i copy paste it here and alter a little here and there.)

Did you know that on 30th June 2008,

the Financial Times declared: “G8 leaders ready to backtrack on Africa aid.”

It is inconceivable that the G8 could consider such a reversal, especially in a time when increasing food prices are making it ever more difficult for families to make ends meet. But the final decision hasn’t been made yet, and we have a critical opportunity to influence the outcome.

Please tell the G8 to deliver on their promises:

Petition text:

We call upon you to build on recent success in fighting extreme poverty by delivering your commitments on healthcare, agriculture and education and by helping citizens in developing countries in their efforts to improve governance and fight corruption.

This potential reversal comes at a time when we are seeing results from investments in development. For example, thanks to distribution of bed nets and increased access to antimalarial drugs, in Rwanda both deaths and cases of malaria have dropped by two-thirds since mid-2006.

As malaria still kills around one million people a year, it’s clear that we must replicate success stories like this. But it won’t happen if the G8 backtrack on their commitments.

Please tell the G8 leaders not to backtrack on aid:

Thank you for taking part,

Roxane Philson, ONE.org

Okie i bet some of u do not know at all, now you know, what are you going to do?

If the world is still fill with nice and Helpful people who will want to make the place a better place, please don’t turn away from this post. You’ve probably been joining petition for some cause but non the less still dubious on whether does it actually works. But a little minute of your time on asking G8 to continue funding Africa’s Aid will mean a lot, and it takes only some typing, clickings and in less than 5 minutes you are done sending a petition against G8 that may trackback aids for Africa.

Thank You! Have a nice day 😉