Nero hates me

Posted on July 2, 2008


Great, just great.. i’ve wasted plenty of time on attempting to figure out what went wrong when burning MP3s or Pictures into DVD!! When i could slave my ass off for studying!!

I’m greatly irritated at me not being able to use NERO burning program to burn mp3’s into DVD ( it’s able to do that, but there is a problem occur stating there’s some problem they can’t continue, BABI or NOT??!) and sstupid thing is i can’t burn all my tonnes of pictures collection into DVD too!! ArRGH!!!! Means i have to get tonnes of CD-rom or CD-R to burn my stuff!!

BLODDY HELLL!!!!!!!!!!!

At times like this i wish i had an external disc, to save lots of stuff!! Pfft!!! (@%%Y$#$^%!!) Arrgh!

Btw, wordpress users is your Write Post picture insert icon is missing from the Kitchen Sink? Mine is!! WHAT HAPPENED TO IT!!!! So hard to adjust the pictures size and position without it!!!