It’s ok by me

Posted on July 4, 2008


So End year examinations is officially over today. HurRay for mosT!!

The last few days i’ve been having long thoughts with myself on this hols… if all goes well i’ll be back early then expected because i’m so burn out from having to sit for one month more exams, i’m longing for home, to think that if i have 2 weeks of holidays is not going to be enough for me to even breathe, and in actual fact i only got 12 days with F&F which is somewhat rather saddening for me.

So then, i’ve been giving me reasons to stay and go… finally the factor that tipped it all, i’ve decided to stay one more month and fix all that mediocre results.

Rather this evening i was creating an emo poetry in my head but never got to finish it

“here’s a shovel
dig me a 6 inches deep hole
measure a box of 1.7m by half a meter.
put me by that lonely barren tree
buy me petals of assorted flowers and
throw it around my casket.

There she sleeps

sing no songs of sorrows,
be merry and cheer all the way.

She will wake from slumber
maybe in a month, a year, a decade…
but she will wake…”

this is such a revised version after i’ve had my long nap. Obviously sleep is one of the best remedy for starting afresh.

I so wanted to go back to my sleep if it weren’t for the nagging thought of internet monthly bill that is constantly nagging in my head. After i’ve done what i needed to, i couldn’t get back to sleep, as i my head has written a long list of what to do.

Here’s my (not so long) list afterall:

1) hair treatment- my hair can do wonder ‘splits’
2) a holiday- anywhere out of Malang a few days
3) hit the student gym – yes finally there’s a student gym!! Yeah! 😉
4) check out the language center and enroll in something
5) need to get out of the four walls as often as possible
6) blog more abt here Malang.

ok the rest are more to mundane shit list..

Now, a new building awaits me tmr! i can’t wait to see it for myself whether this new mall is as good as they say it is.


:: i need to unwind ::