Posted on July 6, 2008


Never Ever overeat when it has been a long time since u went food marathon.
Never Ever go exercising without cleaning your system, because having constipation and dragging a pouch of dump at your hindney just ain’t right…

Went to the new mall yesterday and spent a good Solid 6 hours in the super big mall in Malang! I finally got GIANT IN MALANG!! kakkaa! As mad as it may sound to you why am i so happy having Giant in my precinct is because GIANT can be so THERAPEUTIC!! It makes me (and a couple of my friends) feel as if we were 2.5km closer to HOME!! Llalala… no pictures take of the mall but on my 2nd trip k… cos i was so ZOMG at the place that i needed to soak in the whole thing, i’m loving it 😉

On the other hand today i’m going to talk about BARBY’s bakery*donut. You all know it or not? KAkaka obviously not!

I show u what is so great about this bakery that you want to go to Chandra, Holland Bakery, or Bee’s, King’s Confectionery … and what so ever bakery!


:: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow N Forever::

Definitely for me! Although pricey but it is not as outrageous pricey as holland bakery! This the bread and donuts there got me hook… made me stand there with my eyes all wide open and mouth slightly agape *salivating* looking at those ‘oooh-eat-me-buns’.

supreme pizza

:: Supreme Pizza::

Cost Rp 11,500 really big piece! If you’re a person who fancies lot’s of tomato puree this is the one for you la
It’s half the size of a full pan pizze but thin layer, topping: ham, cheese. onions, lots of tomato puree.

BBQ ham cheese

:: BBQ Ham Cheese :: *****

I absolutely love this and it’s going to be in my frequent list la when ever i drop by 😉
Rp 9k Toppings: one whole layer of ham beneath all the sauce and cheese and egg! love the Egg!

world peace

:: World Peace::

I tell you when i first saw this… i so wanted a bite of it on the spot if only i weren’t so full! It was shining like an angel from the tray! Rp 8 500 So yeah i took a bite before taking a shot… and oh did i feel the RICH cheese and tiramisu cream, it felt as if the world was a better place!

After eating all this within an hour, got me thinking where was this bakery originated from… How come Sweet home Malaysia does not have this??! When are they going to have this? Malaysia nearly has everything, this one also must have wei!!!


::behold… Originated from Australia::

…. and now INDONESIA wei!! Don’t play play!! ONLY IN 2 Countries!! BEAT THAT!!! Now no one can laugh edi, Indonesia have something Russia don’t have.. hmmph!! And when i say this is oohlallala.. it’s a definite! So RAgingRach and Yana you two cannot laugh laugh and make fun anymore =P I bet not all places in Aussie have also 😛 and i think Malang is the First one to have BARBY’s Donuts*Bakery.

I’m so happy that i can go shit now.