Miss D

Posted on July 15, 2008


The problem with me updating blog is that i find i have too much to think than concentrate on my subjects during exams. Damn… Cacated!

So exam roughly finished on the 8th and I’ve never been more hardworking in my whole life when it come to marathon-ing Drama Series! All my ramblings on facing the four walls has not ended yet… because i still lock myself up in my room and watch dvds after dvds. So far i finish 2 drama series. Now i’m getting bored doing that, so i’m taking a slow pace.

Today i officially start going to the Uni’s gym. It’s small and not the usual Malaysia’s Fitness First, Les Studio.. lalala… etc.

So IronChef is my gym patner 😉 nice to have a pal that is enthusiastic to keep fit! It keeps the motivation running!

Anyway… my building floor is collapsing!

see the major crack there? Incredible Hulk landed there and cost such an abomination!


see the “L” shape? That was how much damage was done by the impact of from the Incredible Hulk!


Actually, it was my doing, not totally though. All i did was to do a long jump to land at the very spot of that alleviated tile to break it. Unbeknown to me, the impact was so maximum that the force of my landing spread “L” shaped ways. I had a quite a number of spectator running out from their room thinking it was an earthquake! (=.+)””
Ever heard of tiles ‘masuk angin’? No right? Neither have I. But i’m not making this up mind you. According to my Bapak Kost (hostel caretaker) it can, he didn’t give further information! Kav’s guess was they stinge so much on the cement that is suppose to hold the tiles to the floor by mixing too much water.

So as days goes by yeah, masuk angin la the tiles! It will bulge out and he won’t fix it unless the tiles are broken! Such and lazy ass isn’t he? So i was being nosy-Jane and decided to do some damage.


So he took out the tiles only since it cracked! It’s had been nearly a week and he still have not asked the repairman to fix up the floor! God knows what has been spent on with the rental money that we pay every 3 months!


Cheapo fella! Keeping the good tiles aside and the broken ones separately! The broken ones have not been thrown out yet.

So you can call me Miss D, D for D-E-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N! I’m so like Stitch now aren’t i? Cute but an abomination 😉