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Posted on July 25, 2008


Torn between eating happily and exercising and dieting.


I’ve a friend who is really controlling her meals because she wants to lose enough weight to gain back later in Msia with all those Lip-Smacking food!

My appetite has been suppressed but my head is filled with those delicious-mouthwatering eateries wants! HOWLA! So hailat!

Tmr am going to cook Tom Yum Koong =) Oohh i can’t wait to have some spicy food! It’s been a long time since i blog on food that i cook. It will be soon.

I remembered the pictures that Pau took of in her travels in various part of Italy. I like so much those masquerade mask that she shown me. Sadly she didn’t buy!! Hmmph!!

I want a fanciful masquerade mask!! And so i’m counting on the few of my lovely-chio friends to get me one 😉 Don’t worry, i will pay if you are too kiam siap ;P

Two more weeks… two more weeks and 5 days of being a noobie tour-guide, i can’t wait!

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