Posted on July 27, 2008


The weather of July-August of 3 yesteryears were so cold just like tonight! Brr… water is so cold that the effect still lingers on my hand although it is dry now. Tis the DRY SEASON now, when the days will be filled with only hot sun rays and there will be no rain at all. According to Time and Date site it is 77 °F which is 25 degree celcius at this dead hour in the night! No wonder i feel like i’m in an air-con room!

I remember when i went for my one month adaptation program in Malang before entering Uni, i hated bathing so much! Because the water is cold no matter what time of the day, and it’s coldest in the nights. People in Malang rarely install heater in their bathrooms, they are used to the cold water. *BRR*

During my Uni’s orientation nights were the worst moments of that period. Because we had to be in Uni at 5am, that taking baths wasn’t something i look forward! I had to do some stint of exercises in the bathroom when drenching myself- eg: jumping up and down as if i had hot-coal under my feet with my mouth shut tight trying not to shout aloud!
My teeth will be chattering musically too.

Hate the cold season, the days are so hot and dry, the nights are so cold and dry.
It makes your face so dry that it peels.
People with sinusitis suffers the most, because of the everyday weather transition.

2008 juniors came and the malaysian orientation officially starts tmr. Hehhehe… bad time for them. My direct juniors are very scheming and mean direct-seniors to them.

Sigh~ this is my 3rd night having sleepless night. 3 days ago i had for a cup coffee and that ruin my sleeping pattern! Mind you i’ve not been consuming coffee for the pass 5 months, which is ever since my 4th semester started. Miraculously, i survive throughout the exam period without any sort of caffeine form breverages.

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