Tom Yum

Posted on July 27, 2008


It’s been nearly 5 months since i attempted cooking. Got to say it rust la… anyway i’m never satisfied with all the outcomes of my tom yum. Irks me that i cannot create the flavour that i am craving for, and that memory of it is so far away. But then since i have friends who likes it and request for it, i’m more than happy to cook it 😀

Previously, i’ve not used seafood for tom yum, this time my friends and i did… ! The broth was great! the paste was wonderful but we had so many ingredients that everything was altered. LOL! Greediness indeed. My fault indeed because i got this motto “It’s okay to put more“! Plus i don’t put exact amount of ingredient that is actually needed, i just dump all ingredients to my own accordance and if it taste nice, then i know it’s all good!

I used some new techniques for this time recipe:

1) Devein Shrimp and use the shells to make the broth


2) using dried tom yum herbs
haven’t quite decided whether i like it or not. Cost Rp 9600 for a box at Lai-Lai grocery store.


The pot i had is too small to contained all the ingredients that we had to use a kuali too.

Pot 1- boiling the seafood


Pot 2 boling the vege and the other frozen food


I had lots of help in preparing this meal that you can consider that i didn’t even cook it at all.. lol! Takes 3 cooks to make a pot of gold. IronChef did most of the cleaning and un-shelling, Kuthuk did most of the cutting and washing, last but not least i did most of the dumping! LOL!! I SATPA (gagal)I giler wei!!

Cleaning sotong has never been this hassling! I’ve seen my mom cleaning squids like a breeze, but those squids we bought was definitely something wrong! IronChef and i were fooled that the squid was fresh as it didn’t smell in the ice, but when cleaning it the ammonia was freaking strong!! I’ve never (watch my mom) prepared a squid with such BO of ammonia before! Thinking it maybe the squid ink that was emitting such stench that we went ahead and cooked it. WRONG MOVE!

The squid smelt so bad after cooking, that none will dare put it in their mouth. The ammonia waif is an enough sign of danger! We discarded the squid but the soup was contanimated, so we added so many Maggi tom yum cubes that the many of us found the soup rather salty though rich and flavorful.

One of our squid, the poor thing, was caught before it could digest the baby ikan merah and was suppose to be eaten by us (superstitiously and nonsensically the squid smelt bad because it did not die a willing death that with such grudge it emitted such foul odour!) IronChef though it was squid egg at first because non of us have seen it before. Anyway, thankfully we slice the squid into half to clean it thoroughly, if not we could not have found that piece of disintegrated fish.


Urm.. at the right of the sotong, that the inside part that IronChef squeeze out from the squid! After rinsing it a couple of times, the stickiness was still in the sotong that we sliced it into half. That sticky and slimy white thing looks like ejaculation to me… EEW!! We don’t know what is that at all!! I’m thinking it is squid’s sperm! YUCKS!

Anyhow, the squid really spoiled the whole outcome of the tom yum =(  If not we need not have to modify the soup with so many tom yum cubes!

This is a pot of gold Tom Yum dish because it has so rich in taste and ingredients- RP 100k meal for about 8-9 people!


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