Posted on July 31, 2008


I feel so the happy that i want to go shit! But before….

What made my day…. ok, my remaining evening delightful

1) mummy called =) to remind me that i’m coming back next week. Yes i am!!

A few days ago i was feeling placid about it,
but now i’m excited la. Even if my lecturer who insinuated that he will be contacting me when he is in
Msia is not making me feel so the TULAN edi. I did feel really TULAN lor when my friends teased about it. My
sincere apologies. But no one likes a ruin holiday.

My dad is in Bali now with his boys. hehehe I hope he is having fun! I wonder what man of his age will do there other than visiting tourist spots, shopping and a little basking under the sun? Hmmm… i wonder if they will go for those outdoor sports? Can’t wait for my dad to talk about it. One lest thing to worry on entertaining my friend, Dad can be awfully charming at times to my friends. I dare say some are quite taken by him and his stories!

2) Jea is taking off to help me with touring ain’t that sweet! She is saving money to go shopping too! That
better happen la =)

3) A reply from miss pedo was a relief for me. Don’t know what happened to her!

on a random topic

Some people of certain ethnic and belief will keep unseen beings: spirits, genie… etc. that are known in many names and comes in many form; to help them to do some task or job.

Believe it or not, a few of my Hindu juniors were given notices to moved out from the hostel because their prayers to their gods are too strong for their hostel owner to do their prayers. Before the owner told them frankly to move out, all sorts of blames and problems were arise to find fault with them.

sigh~ all sorts of things can happen here!

on another randomness

This year the new batch there are 5 more new chinese, so there are 13 in total Malaysian Chinese community here. Hehehe… not bad la! When it was my batch time, there was only four in total!

Yesterday all of us gathered because one youngling wanted to eat “tong yuen”@”tang yuen”, so all were invited to prepare the meaningful dessert together πŸ˜‰

Tang Yuen in mandarin is also known as ronde in Indonesia. It is made on the month of December, during the solstice. It is said that it is the most important tradition or event that must be done, even more important that the Chinese New Year family gathering dinner! Everyone will come back home to make this glutinous white ball of ginger-sugar-screwpine leaves-syrup. Ginger is a must because back in China that time is the winter time, it helps to warm the body from the cold. Rolling the balls together signifies that the family will forever be united together. Eating this dessert means you’ve grown a year older πŸ™‚

It was nice to be able to do that again =) The last time i did “tang yuen” was 2005 with Cheers, Ian, HOBS and the other Malaysian Chinese students in Jatinangor. *rindu mereka pulak* That time we were told to bring our own spoons and cup! LOL! Because we went to someone’s hostel, and he didn’t have so many utensils for so many of us xD

All seven of us chatted much and got acquainted.
At the end of the meeting there was this question pose to me from one of the younglings, “… aren’t you happy that we all came here?” Lol! Although i replied jokingly that i had to thank MPL for bringing more Chinese here, i am indeed not only happy but also delighted to have them here πŸ˜€