Ending of another year

Posted on August 7, 2008


*it’s a marvelous night for a moondance… ladidadadada*

Tired in the head.
Fuh! finish my last paper today. God was it harder than before! I’ve a feeling i’m going to sit for the same subject again! Darn!! It just had to be my luck for that lab department to lose my precious 10marks homework, and made me work my due for a month. There’s something fishy about the marks calculation here i tell you. Really something is wrong with that department.

eg. 2 failed paper, gives a high probability to get an A in the last exam! Does not makes sense or not?

2 homeworks accounts for 10 marks. But if one is missing or not hand up it is consider 0 mark.

Thankfully i manage to check one when wrong with the marks given to me, but no one can give me an explanation on my missing homework! They told me i didn’t pass it up, but i did! I even have a friend as witness! When i asked the office assistant to find out all my classmates homework, most of them were not that. Mine wasn’t there!

God i don’t know why i wasn’t so much upset on this mistake that is not mine. It definitely pisses my Queen off. The majesty advice me to take strict action in the future, by handing up my homework myself (even though there is a coordinator=ajk subject) and make sure i collect signatures from the lecturers or office assistant as proof that i hand up. It’s so funny to me! Though i knew she meant it for good!

Cheers to all the Teachers! Apparently they do think alike! IronChef’s Papa think so too! LOL! She thought she was the weird one out! Nevertheless… i think teachers are one of the funniest people around!

so i paid my dues! I’m coming home soon 😉 That’s the important part of it for now.


August Rush! Hear i come!

*humming “it’s a marvelous night for a moondance*